Listing all the Trails in Dallas

This project is big, especially if we are to write descriptions of each trail before we start to hike each one of them. It is very odd writing descriptions for trails that you have not personally been to. This has also been slowing down the process of just getting the trails listed and on the map. As a result of this we have changed tactics. We will first focus on listing all the trails and their corresponding online resources.
We know that we will never be as good a source for information as the people maintaining the trails and hiking/biking them every day. In our research thus far, it looks like there will be over 150 trails within 60 miles of DFW. That is a lot of trails to keep accurate and up to date information on. That is why we seek to be a source to find the best resources online, so you will always have access to the people maintaining and using the trail you want to visit. This will ensure that you have the best trip possible.
On our spreadsheet today, we have 140 trails listed. In the work to add new trails today we removed 5 trails with no way to verify their existence (we moved them to a “check and verify before listing” sheet). Meanwhile we also added 4 trails to the list that we found on municipal and government websites. So the list is both shrinking and growing every day we conduct research, but it is mostly growing.
Aside from listing the trails, we still have modules to add to make the site more user friendly. One module I am excited about is a new review module. The new module will allow you to rate trails on more variables (such as difficulty, scenery etc…). This should be up within a month. You will know it looks like it is working because I will request people review their favorite trail.
There are changes happening to this trail listing site and we are moving forward. In the end we will have the only source that lists all trails in and around Dallas / Fort Worth. Then we will start hitting the trails with 2 gps units, a go pro, a camera, some great shoes and a big bottle of water to make sure that we independently verify every trail, provide people with updated information and  some great video and images.

In the meantime, please give us some feedback as to how we are doing at the

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