First post on the blog for trails in dallas

2016-08-12-19.08So we have been at this for 3 months on casual time. Casual time means that I was able to hike 600 miles of the Appalachian trail as I found/refined my calling to list all of the trails within DFW. It has long been a frustration of  mine that whenever I want to try a new trail that I have to plow through several websites. There are non-profits who maintain each trail and there are city, county and state governments which have their trails. To top it off there is a lot of conflicting information about trails in the area. It became a chore to find a new trail every time and I wanted there to be one resource that linked out to each of the best resources for each trail.

That is where DFW trail guide enters the picture. In that last 3 months we have created a database of over 150 trails in the DFW area (and this list is still growing).  We are slowly researching each trail and adding them to the site with a location, so you can drive there and enjoy. We are also finding the best resources for each trail and linking to them so that you can find the most up to date information on every trail before you invest your time in going to the trailhead. It is taking more time than originally thought, as we are dealing with conflicting information. In fact one trail in our list has been removed because it did not reconcile with maps of the state park where it claimed to be urban trails image(this is the “Cleburne state park loop”… apparently does not exist, but was a grouping of trails that made a “loop”). This is exactly the confusion we are trying to prevent. We will be listing the trails that coincide with all the local maps and resources provided by the Cleburne State Park. They will be the authority for all the trails within their boundaries. It makes sense to me, I hope it makes sense to you.

We only have 19 trails listed as I write this; which is a little more than 10% of the trails on our list. Much of our effort at this time is behind the scenes.  We hope that you will create an account here and try to list your favorite trails. Please provide us with feedback on how we can make the site better.

This was posted primarily to test our new link to our Facebook page. It is another example of how we are testing each feature of the site as we try to make it the best trail resource in Dallas.

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